Ripped 'n Raw In Rip City

Ripped 'n Raw In Rip City

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The City of Roses. Stumptown. Rip City. Portland, Oregon has a number of nicknames and claims to fame, and now CF studs Chris, Eli, Liam, Rocky, and Roman embark on their own expedition to this city and its surrounding area in the US Pacific Northwest to get Ripped 'n Raw in Rip City in this must-own digital DVD featuring 5 of your favorite guys in 4 pulse-pounding, full-length, hardcore action episodes!

Not only does your digital DVD purchase get you full access to Liam Lays Rocky, Roman Rides Eli, Chris and Eli's Double Dessert, and Rocky and Chris' Good Morning Wood, but also over 4 minutes of exclusive b-roll that'll have you falling in love with Portland, and even more in love with the guys.

Ripped 'n Raw in Rip City is available now as a complete collection for a limited time with special savings over the cost of purchasing all the episodes individually, so don't miss out on this chance to get Ripped 'n Raw in Rip City!

Purchasing this featured DVD allows you to download and stream the entire movie - approx. 3.9 GB file size.

Chris And Eli's Double Dessert

Chris' hole gets the royal treatment at the hands (well... at the lips, tongue, and cock) of Eli here!

Things kick off with Chris and Eli looking beyond adorable with one another as they share some ice cream cones while out and about on the Oregon coast. The real sweet stuff follows as they polish off their ice cream and make their way to the bedroom, though, to polish each other's knobs!

Right from the get-go, Eli sets out to have his way with Chris' hole. For Eli, that meant spending a whole lot of quality time getting it ready for his cock. Clearly Eli loves eating ass, as he tongues Chris' ass during a hot 69 and still wants more as he gets Chris on his back with his legs in the air for some more rimming action. All that rimming has Chris desperate and eager to get fucked, which Eli is more than happy to do until both guys earn their second treat of the day - mouthfuls of cum!

Good Morning Wood

If we were to ever launch some kinda spin off series dedicated to two of our guys and their adventures with one another, it very well might have to be about Rocky and Chris. These two look hot together, these two love hanging out together, these two are each fun and quirky in ways that go wonderfully together, and these two always have mind-blowingly hot sex the rest of us just can't get enough of watching when paired up together.

Rocky really, really gets off on fucking Chris. And Chris really, really gets off on getting fucked by Rocky. When these guys are getting ready to go at it, there's palpable anticipation coming from each and they each have a genuinely good time. Chris' reaction to Rocky's cumshot at the end of this episode perfectly captures just what a good time these two have with one another - do not miss it!

Liam Lays Rocky

As you sit back and watch the remarkably hot action between Rocky and Liam here, be sure to pay attention to the looks and expressions on Rocky's handsome face throughout. Yes, his loud moans and wails make it clear he's loving Liam's dick inside him; sure, his own hard cock pointing towards the sky as Liam fucks up into him leaves no doubt he's having fun. But those expressions on Rocky's face - alternating between being completely fascinated, blown away, and even overwhelmed by how Liam's making him feel - are absolutely priceless. Rocky's gotten into some incredible action here at CF and he's rocked many a guy's world and blown many a guy away. For him to find himself being the one getting their mind blown and world rocked by another guy, though, means things are really intense!

Rocky had himself an amazing time on our trip to Portland, but this particular episode was likely the best part of the trip for him. Liam blew him away and made him blast out a massive load, and the eagerness with which Rocky sucks up and swallows down Liam's load at the end looked to me like an eager, satisfied, genuinely grateful bottom who wanted to do all he could to show his top just how much he appreciated and enjoyed what they'd just done together.

Roman Rides Eli

You were all really thrilled when Eli first showed up on CF, and that excitement over his having joined us here will only grow as you watch this scorching hot episode with Roman!

Eli's won us all over, and surely does precisely that with Roman while fucking him - the way Roman whimpers and moans and gasps and the expressions on Roman's face have me thinking he was happier than any of us Eli is a new addition to the roster.

This episode was filmed during our trip to Portland, Oregon. Being on a trip like that involved all of the guys spending a lot of time hanging out together, and it's pretty apparent all the time Roman and Eli spent around one another leading up to this episode made them each want to fuck more and more, and led to their each being more and more turned on by the other. We're all for letting two guys who are lusting over one another go at it, so here we are!

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