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  • AGE: 19
  • SHOE: 11.5
  • HEIGHT: 6'0''
  • WEIGHT: 170
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • EYES: Green
  • COCK SIZE: 7
  • CUT: YES

It’s hard not to love Kennedy. He’s a handsome, boy-next-door, Southern gentleman with a nerdy/geeky twist. He’s incredibly polite and a true intellectual that has a genuine interest to engage and get to know everyone he meets.

His interests and passions are so eclectic that he can fit into any conversation or scenario. Whether it be playing video games, debating Star Wars vs. Star Trek, gushing over his favorite magicians Penn & Teller, or expertly working an intense orgasm out off his partner, Kennedy’s intelligence and passion overtake the room.

Studying to be an Engineer, Kennedy stays in shape as a member of his college cheerleading squad. The skills he’s learned have served him well at CF too. Self aware of his body and how to move it, he’s quickly risen to be a fan favorite!

There’s no mistake he is a talented bottom that loves to let go of control and serve his lucky partner. Yet he’s also shown that he’s capable in taking control as a top for the right kind of guy. In either position, he throws himself into the scene and his partner completely, passionately, and without a single ounce of reservation.

Getting lost in what he’s doing only makes this sexy geek more lovable. With one twinkle of an eye he charmed us all and solidly earned himself a spot on the Dean’s List!

Episodes Featuring Kennedy:

Pura Vida 2 - Kennedy & Tyler Make Waves

16:27 Minutes & 10 Photos
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