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  • AGE: 20
  • SHOE: 11
  • HEIGHT: 5'8''
  • WEIGHT: 158
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Blond
  • EYES: Blue
  • COCK SIZE: 6.5
  • CUT: YES

Some athletes just naturally have that team attitude. They give their all for the team, learn the plays, put in the time and practice hard to be first-string. They perform both on and off the field. They may not get the glory of the superstars, but they are the unsung heroes. And here at CF, Kenny defines the term ???team player???!

When he came to us a couple of years ago, it was his All-American good looks and easy-going personality that made Kenny stand out. Even then, I knew he was something special. Those laughing blue eyes, his blond hair ??? and of course, that perfect ass - all caught my attention. But his enthusiasm both on camera and off was what caught me by surprise.

Kenny's laid-back nature allowed him to embrace guy/guy action easily. Now at our shoots, he often coaches the more nervous freshmen, giving them the benefit of his experience. Kenny played football for a number of years, so that may be where he gets that team spirit. And his tight body!

It seems like Kenny can play almost every sport out there. Football, basketball, baseball - if it has balls, he knows how to hit, throw or catch it. And if you're looking for Kenny during a shoot, there's one place to find him ??? the gym! He works out for hours on end. In fact, I like to think he's doing my workout for me :P.

On-camera, Kenny is one of the best partners any of the freshmen or upperclassmen could hope for. He's easily able to switch from top to bottom. And he has no problem expanding his sexual boundaries.

Off-camera, Kenny's always ready to pitch in. Holding lights, grabbing cables, or even spotting the guys on the bench press ??? everyone knows Kenny is ready to lend a hand. Or a cock!

Kenny loves sex, and the moment the camera starts rolling, he's ready to go all out. He's happy to do whatever's asked of him -- with whoever we ask him to! Kenny's innocent face and cherubic laugh mask how much Kenny loves what he does ??? although his hot cock doesn't hide it at all!

When he's chilling out, Kenny hangs out watching movies or playing video games (usually just in his boardshorts ??? yum!). But the minute someone needs something, he lights up and he's ready to drop what he's doing and help out or have some fun.

Everybody loves to have Kenny around on a shoot, because you know he's got your back - though CF fans might prefer him on his back, or on someone else's! But that's why he's been chosen for the Dean's List ??? because the only thing better than a team player watching your back is ???The Team Player???!

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