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House of Corbin - Chapter 5

4.9/5.0 avg rating

Added: June 12, 2015  |  26:00

Quinn and Harper run into trouble when Harper boldly demands that they address the palpable chemistry between. Well dressed and better versed in the politics of satisfaction, they lay their cards and hard cocks on the table to be sucked and fucked until fully satisfied!

No negotiation is needed as both men share common interests, namely, deep oral and anal penetration!

Harper travels down Quinn’s body and into his hole. Unrelenting in his thrusts he coaxes Quinn to give up control and become his moaning puppet. But this is Washington DC after all, and the power doesn’t stay in his hands too long. When the friction becomes too much for Harper, the tide turns for Quinn. With an ass full of Harper’s cum, Quinn pounds into his opponent. He forces another release out of him before sealing his victory in seeding Harper’s tight ass!

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