Soaking Up San Diego - Kellan & Ellis Heat It Up

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Soaking Up San Diego - Kellan & Ellis Heat It Up

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Added: February 20, 2015 | Video Length: 21:26 Minutes | Photos: 16 Photos


Winding down a long day of seeing the sights and exploring San Diego didn’t mean the guys were done with the fun and had no more mischief to get in to.  For Kellan and Ellis, it’d seem a day spent together just got them more and more consumed with the idea of some hot sex as soon as the opportunity presented itself, and that opportunity came along out by the pool and firepit after the sun had gone down.

Kellan knew that he had, in Ellis, a willing bottom ready and able to take as long and as hard a pounding as he could give.  While us viewers certainly love Ellis’ facial expressions and noises as he gets fucked, the studs topping him also love it all - they know every whimper is a green light to fuck harder and that they get to use his hole however they want.

Fitting for action by the firelight, this episode is both scorching hot and intensely passionate!

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