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  • AGE: 21
  • SHOE: 9
  • HEIGHT: 5'7''
  • WEIGHT: 150
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • EYES: Brown
  • COCK SIZE: 7
One of the funniest moments leading up to our shoot in Europe with Bel Ami involved Elijah as all of the guys set to go on the trip were sitting around talking about how much fun it would be, what it might be like, and what they could expect while there. Amidst all the comments about hot European girls, long plane flights, airline food, European nightlife and beer and all of the other things the guys were sure to discover, Elijah suddenly and in the most serious tone - along with that Southern twang of his - says, "Are they all uncut over there?".

I couldn't help but bust out laughing at that. He was so serious when he asked it and stared at me like whatever answer I was about to give was terribly important.

It didn't take long after his arrival in Europe to discover the answer to that question! Hot, young Ariel, with whom Elijah is paired here in what is for both their joint CF/Bel Ami video debuts, has himself a nice uncut cock that Elijah gets to explore up close with his hands, lips and tongue. Likewise, Ariel spends plenty of time getting familiar with Elijah's cut cock, sucking it deep and hard.

Indeed, the hardons here are both quite impressive! As Ariel sucks Elijah, Elijah is as stiff as can be, that dick of his pointing straight out from his smooth, tight body as he stands up over Arial to feed it to him. When Elijah gets down between Ariel's legs to suck on his dick, Ariel's cock is pointing skyward, straining as Elijah's head and mop of hair bob up and down while he sucks it.

Neither could get enough of all the sucking, actually! After Elijah took his turn at sucking on Ariel, the guys passionately kiss and make out a bit, before Ariel is again swallowing as much of Elijah's cock as possible! If that wasn't enough, the guys can't help but work their way in to a sixty-nine so that each can taste the other's cock, all of it getting them both incredibly worked up and more than ready for the hot fuck that follows!

It's extremely hot seeing Elijah pound Ariel's ass. Ariel is almost bent in half on the couch, Elijah driving his dick in and out of his hole. Here at CF, we've seen just how much Elijah enjoys some fast-paced and furious piston fucking! But Arial had never seen it before and so didn't know what he was in store for bottoming for Elijah! It doesn't take long for him to find out, though, as Elijah pounds him hard!

George and I immediately knew Elijah and Ariel would make a good pairing when we compared our lists of guys we were going to involve in the shoot, and you can see why here! Elijah loves to fuck hard and fast and Ariel can not only take it, but looks like he truly loves it and can't get enough of it! Their looks and physiques are quite similar, no doubt, but it's really the sex that shows off just how compatible and what a good fit they were!

The harder Elijah fucks Ariel, the more and more he looks like he's ready to cum at any second! When both of these hot young guys finally can't hold back anymore and are ready to blow their loads, they make sure they don't waste a drop as Ariel gets down in front of Elijah's cock to take his load all over his lips, chin, and tongue before they switch places so that Elijah can likewise get a facial from Ariel!

Cut/uncut. American/European. None of those differences matter when you get two horny, young studs together for some deep and hard fucking that neither can get enough of!

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Elijah & Ariel

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