Corbin Fisher

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  • AGE: 20
  • SHOE: 10
  • HEIGHT: 5'11''
  • WEIGHT: 160
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • EYES: Blue
  • COCK SIZE: 6.5
  • CUT: YES
So, I'm a sucker for a hot guy, and I'll freely admit that. It's no secret that attractive people can get away with quite a bit and so I can only imagine how much Brody has gotten away with in his lifetime! When he was set to come out to shoot with us, he had some issues on the way out. He missed one of his flights, ended up having to reschedule one, but didn't let me know about any of this and so there was all kinds of confusion the afternoon his flight was supposed to land because he didn't show up as scheduled! He finally arrived a few hours late, and one of the CF staffers spent quite awhile at the airport waiting to pick him up.

I had been thinking in my head that I was going to talk to him about all his flight craziness and let him know it would have been nice to give us a heads up that he was running late, and was even a bit riled up (hey, it was a stressful day!). In fact, me and one of the CF staff members who handle getting all the models in for shoots had managed to get ourselves quite worked up about it, and had thought of all these things we were going to say to him once he finally arrived. We weren't going to yell or anything silly like that, but just stress the importance of keeping us informed on flight arrangements and schedule changes so that no one was stuck waiting at the airport for hours and hours.

Once Brody did finally arrive and walked in to the room, all I heard from the CF staffer I'd been conspiring to sit down and talk to Brody with (and who spotted him walk in the door before me) was, "Damn it... he's hot!". I looked up, saw him, and that's all I could think as well. Needless to say, our little speeches were immediately forgotten and all we could muster was, "Glad you could make it!".

Hey... we were damn glad he could make it! And hey, flight schedules can change! I'm sure it was the airlines fault anyways! What matters is he's hot, he made it out to film, and here he is!

I think the perfect word to describe Brody is "chiseled". His facial features are chiseled with great cheekbones, a great jawline, and awesome lips. His body is as chiseled and defined as could be, with one of the flattest stomachs you could imagine and wonderfully defined pecs and abs. As if all that wasn't enough, he's sporting piercing blue eyes that enhance his already stunning features!

He says his favorite girls are the ones that are a bit hard to get, but I can't imagine there are too many of those out there for him! If they knew what was good for them, they'd be throwing themselves at him! He also says he's never had a girl rim him, but lit up when mentioning he looks forward to the day that might happen... we'll see what we can do! ;)

The first day Brody was visiting for his shoot, he was quite quiet and reserved. Gradually, though, he began to open up more and more as he got more relaxed and at ease. I can only hope he'll be coming back plenty more times so we can get to know him even better! And hey... if he misses a flight here and there... well... it happens!

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