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  • AGE: 20
  • SHOE: 9.5
  • HEIGHT: 6'0"
  • WEIGHT: 145
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Blond
  • EYES: Hazel
  • COCK SIZE: 7
  • CUT: YES
A certified cutie is what Colby is!

There's something truly adorable about this young man - he's a genuine treat to be around, and you can see that charisma right away in his introductory solo. There's an endearing quality about him, and while he's initially a bit shy and reserved you see there are plenty of moments where he's having real fun sharing his interests and hobbies with us and getting a real quick out of it - a flash of that super cute smile of his makes an appearance!

Colby might seem like the innocent type, but once he starts talking about sex you'll see he really comes to life - this young man is horny all the time, and he's had some pretty incredible sexual experiences. What I really got a kick out of was his telling us about how even the most simple sexual tasks are a real treat for him - he says he comes from a big household so hardly ever gets enough quiet alone time to jerk off in peace. It's so rare for him, in fact, that stripping down and stroking off for our cameras and all of us is just the kind of private, intimate "alone time" he's been needing for awhile!

Episodes Featuring Colby:

Colby Cums

17:33 Minutes & 18 Photos
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