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  • AGE: 21
  • SHOE: 12
  • HEIGHT: 6'1''
  • WEIGHT: 185
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Blond
  • EYES: Blue
  • COCK SIZE: 7.5
  • CUT: YES
Tight-bodied, young college stud Gage was actually referred to us by his friend, Jack, who'd come out to shoot with us and went back home to tell his buddy Gage "Hey! You should check these guys out and see if you could do some modeling for them!"

Well, when Gage sent in an application and I saw his pics, it was clear he sure as hell could do some modeling for us! He has a great face, AWESOME lips, a tight and defined body, and a truly great attitude. When he came on down for the shoot he settled in among the CF crew as if he'd been working with us for years, and here's hoping he might actually work with us for years! Gage is definitely straight but as you know we're all about expanding peoples' horizons here at CFU :)

Regardless of whether or not Gage decides to give the CF Education a shot, I'm sure you'll agree he's smoking hot to look at in this solo video. Along with the great face and tight body, he also has himself a super hot ####! In fact, it was quite funny when he came down to do his shoot with us because I hadn't seen any pictures of his equipment beforehand! I'd just figured that with that face and bod, I wanted him in a solo video for sure. He kept joking that we were going to freak out when he took those pants off because he, in his words, was "hung like a flea". haha! Well, as you'll see, he definitely has quite a hot package and was only messing with my head on those flea comments. As I always say, the only thing better than a hot young, straight college stud is a hot young, straight and naked college stud!!

Episodes Featuring Gage:

TJ Fucks Gage

18:27 Minutes & 20 Photos

Gabe's 3-Way

18:00 Minutes & 9 Photos

Gage Fucks Cade

22:15 Minutes & 9 Photos

Dawson Fucks Gage

25:32 Minutes & 9 Photos

Gage Fucks Derek

15:34 Minutes & 9 Photos

Derek Blows Gage

15:04 Minutes & 8 Photos

Gage & Julie

12:31 Minutes & 9 Photos


15:40 Minutes & 9 Photos
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