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  • AGE: 19
  • SHOE: 8
  • HEIGHT: 5'8''
  • WEIGHT: 140
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • EYES: Hazel
  • COCK SIZE: 7.5
Greg had been familiar with the site already when a friend of his encouraged him to consider applying and seeing if he could model. He decided to give it a shot, and the rest is history!

Not to spoil the surprise, but when I saw his nude pics I immediately responded to his application and invited him out for a shoot. He has a tight, lean build and a nice, thick dick! With that compact gymnast's build, that dick of his stands out all the more!

Greg never even jerked off until he was 14. Funny enough, he actually had an orgasm from sex before he ever made himself cum! He admits here in this solo that he never even realized a guy could make themselves cum, figuring actual sex with a partner was the only way you could do it. Imagine his excitement at the discovery he could give that pleasure to himself!

He's made up for all that lost time, jerking off about twice a day and certainly suffering no shortage of sex! With that hot body and big dick of his, I'm sure he has no problem finding willing and lucky partners! That backside isn't something to overlook, either, as he has himself a great ass! He mentions enjoying it when a bigger, muscular guy dominates him and so I'd imagine that's something that could certainly be arranged around here!

Episodes Featuring Greg:

Ty Fucks Greg

19:37 Minutes & 19 Photos


14:11 Minutes & 17 Photos
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