Corbin Fisher

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(5.0/5.0 Avg rating)

  • AGE: 21
  • SHOE: 10
  • HEIGHT: 5'8''
  • WEIGHT: 135
  • BODY BUILD: Swimmer
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • EYES: Brown
  • COCK SIZE: 9.5
If you end up liking Hugh as much as I do... well... you're going to like him pretty damn much! I do have to qualify that statement, though... When Hugh first showed up to shoot, he had this huge, dark beard on his face. I almost didn't recognize him, as I'd seen photos of him clean-shaven before. I thought to myself, "Who on earth is this?!". He'd been taking things easy for a couple weeks before the shoot and had let his beard grow out, but shortly after arriving here went off to the bathroom to shave. When he came out, I was totally blown away by what a hot guy he is and was amazed at the difference! Mind you, I'm certain some of you would still love him with the beard, but as you can see from his photos he pulls off the clean-shaven look quite, quiet well!

I don't think there's a feature about him that I am not incredibly fond of. His brown eyes are this light, almost coffee-and-cream color of brown that stands out and is really a pleasure to look at. His smile is as charming as can be. His body is tight and defined. And his dick... oh, that dick!

Hugh is a shy, quiet, friendly and pleasant guy and so his personality is quite disarming. You wouldn't expect him to pull down those pants and reveal a big, thick, uncut dick!

Hugh isn't done with his surprises when he shows you his dick, though! While jerking off in his introductory solo with us, he ends up just leaning forward, opening up his mouth, and sucking and licking his own cock! Talk about a talent that's worth having! If he's able to suck and lick that big dick of his himself, I'm not quite sure how we managed to get him out of the house and out for a shoot at all! I'd be locked away in my bedroom for weeks at a time if I had a skill like that.

Not only can Hugh suck his own dick, but he also goes wild while jerking off. He doesn't just pump his big dick with his fist, but literally fucks his fists with that cock of his. He was clearly incredibly turned on. The shy, quiet ones are often the wild and horny ones once things get going!

I can only imagine there are a lot of people walking into walls in Hugh's wake, distracted by that great smile and those hot eyes to the point they lose track of where they're going. If those people who saw him out on the street only knew he was also such a pleasant and nice guy packing 9 inches of uncut cock and bursting with sexual energy! Thankfully, we do know that, though!

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