Corbin Fisher

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  • AGE: 24
  • SHOE: 9.5
  • HEIGHT: 6'1''
  • WEIGHT: 180
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • EYES: Brown
  • COCK SIZE: 6.75
  • CUT: YES
When studly Joseph the triathlete came to us, I wondered if he knew what he was getting into. Turns out he did – and our triathlete competitor is extremely bi-curious!

Joseph says he's nervous and excited at the same time to start his CF education. This handsome and plain-spoken athlete exudes charm. He is one of the most likable guys I've ever met. I can't imagine anything bothering him.

Relaxing outside, he says he's excited by the prospect of people watching him. He and a friend have taken turns watching each other fuck their respective girlfriends, but Joseph is ready to make the move to true exhibitionist.

He threw us for a second with the laid-back way in which he mentioned he was also into guys! He was telling us about losing his virginity to a good-looking girl a friend introduced him to, then he explained he had some “gay tendencies.”

We sidetracked a bit to discover he enjoyed watching guys have sex. Joseph has experimented with some oral action and threesomes, but was looking to do more.

Joseph finished off the story of his first time. He told us the typical girl he likes is thin and small-waisted, but would have a big butt. He also loves blue eyes.

The type of guy he likes is thin but muscular. Joseph definitely prefers guys with hot abs. He messed around with both guys and girls when he was younger, but he was 17 before he actually had sex.

The first threesome he had was with a friend and his friend's girlfriend. Joseph hasn't engaged in guy/guy action in a threeway yet, but he's hopeful. I think we might be able to help him out!

This triathlete competes often, and his next goal is to do an Ironman competition. His body looks ready – his abs and ass get a lot of compliments and it's clear why. His six-pack is well defined and his athletic frame is solid and muscular. Joseph says ab exercises as his favorite workout.

Once he's naked, he strokes his long curved dick slowly as he rubs his hard pecs. Joseph rubs his abs, and the sensation makes him stroke faster. He keeps on feeling his muscular body and looking at his rock-hard dick standing straight up.

Playing with his nipples gets him even more excited. He stands up and strokes, his abs flexing. He even rubs his cockhead a little, teasing it. Finally, he can't hold back anymore. Joseph lays back and shoots one of the thickest loads I've seen in a while. Cum sprays out over his tight abs.

Pete asks him what he was thinking about as he came. Joseph says he was actually thinking about fucking a guy. Sounds like our triathlete is ready for the next event!

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