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  • AGE: 20
  • SHOE: 9
  • HEIGHT: 5'9''
  • WEIGHT: 150
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Blond
  • EYES: Blue
  • COCK SIZE: 8
  • CUT: YES
When new freshman come to CF, they can sometimes get intimidated. People might think it's easy to jerk off or have sex on camera. But it's not that easy.

Picture hot lights beating down on you, getting you sweaty. The cameras coming in for close-ups as you rub your rippling muscles and stroke your throbbing cock … okay, well, maybe it wouldn't be that hard for some of us!

Luckily, we have some experienced upperclassmen like Dru on hand, to walk … or in this case, talk ... you through it. Kevin arrived in Vegas and definitely wanted to make an impression on us and the fans. And I think you'll agree – he does!

Dru and Kevin sit on the sofa and discuss his upcoming scene and his nerves. Kevin wants to make sure he performs well. Dru talks about his first time, and tells Kevin he'll be happy to give him some tips if he wants to go ahead and practice now. That Dru is so helpful!

Kevin gets undressed and starts stroking. Dru admires Kevin's cock and and his jack-off technique. He asks Kevin what he's fantasizing about. This naughty guy is thinking about an orgy. He's going to fit in just fine around here.

After Dru watches him nut, he tells Kevin he's a natural. Maybe Dru can help teach him some other stuff later!

Episodes Featuring Kevin:

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