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  • AGE: 25
  • SHOE: 12
  • HEIGHT: 6'0''
  • WEIGHT: 170
  • BODY BUILD: Muscular
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • EYES: Green
  • COCK SIZE: 7.5
We have quite the special update for you today! Shot in Europe as part of our collaboration with Bel Ami, two of CF's most popular studs, Connor and Josh, get in to a hot 4-way with Bel Ami's Brandon and Sascha! Tons of muscle, hard flesh, and big dicks get intertwined and mixed together in what was definitely one of the most intense and action-packed videos we shot while there!

Connor and Josh made for ideal participants in this hot 4-way. Connor had gotten in to an intense group scene before (right around this time, last year, in fact!), but this is Josh's very first group vid here at CF! Their both having recently been added to the Dean's List is testament to their ability to really put on a great show, let loose and have a good time, and know how to make things as hot as can be. That's evident right from the start, here, as neither wastes any time getting in to some eager, wet sucking.

There was some incredible energy all around, as both Brandon and Sascha were also fired up and as horny as could be as all the guys enthusiastically swallow some dick, kiss, let their hands roam all over one another's muscular bodies and cover every inch of the sofa with hot action. Josh looks like he just couldn't get enough of Brandon's cock as he sucks it down, having the favor returned by Brandon as they're locked in a sixty-nine. Likewise, Connor literally attacks Sascha's cock, getting as much of it as possible down his throat and working it over!

With a 4-some packed with all these hot guys, the positions and possibilities are just endless! Everywhere you look, there's something hot going on and the guys had a hot stud to make out with or hard dick to play with everywhere they turned!

A scene with all 4 of these guys makes for quite the dilemma, though! Who tops?! Who bottoms?! Well, we know Connor is one of CF's best tops - he has a dick that just does not quit and loves to bury it in a tight hole. For his part, Brandon is one of the best tops at Bel Ami and we've seen evidence of that here at CF before! So, while things could have gone in any direction at the outset, I suspect a few of us knew Sascha and our Josh were going to get fucked at some point!

Josh looks like he was ready for it quite early on, in fact! There's a point where he's almost getting manhandled by the other three guys as they are warming up to get some dick in to some ass. Though certainly ripped and muscular, I think he was the shortest of the bunch and so it's quite the visual seeing all of these other guys towering over him, spreading his legs apart, working over his hole and mouth and almost having their way with him! And that's even before Brandon gets his dick buried deep in Josh's ass while Connor gets Sascha bent over to start drilling him!

It's furious fucking from that point on, Connor's hard dick pounding Sascha's hole while Brandon works his cock in and out of Josh fast and hard! They all move around a bit, Connor sitting back so that Josh can mount and ride his dick! Josh is bouncing up and down on Connor's cock, fucking himself with it and taking as much of it in his ass as possible! In this position, Josh's own cock is right there for Sascha to swallow while bent over, getting fucked by Brandon! Imagine the incredible feelings going through Josh's body at this point!

Connor and Brandon get Sascha and Josh back on to the couch, their dicks buried deep inside them again as the fucking continues. Both of the bottom boys are the first to blow, Sascha spraying a big load as Connor pumps his hole, with Josh then blasting off his own load immediately after! Connor then pulls out to cum all over Sascha's chest and abs, and then Brandon sends himself over the edge by fucking Josh hard and fast some more before pulling out to drench Josh in cum!

At the end of it all, Sascha and Josh are totally caked in cum, all four of the guys thoroughly spent after such and intense session!

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