Corbin Fisher

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  • AGE: 19
  • SHOE: 10
  • HEIGHT: 5'9''
  • WEIGHT: 160
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Auburn
  • EYES: Hazel
  • COCK SIZE: 5.5
  • CUT: YES
It's easy to see why new freshman Wesley gets laid 20 days out of a month! His dominant attitude, his worked-out and cut body and exotic features make him hard to resist. He sits in the jacuzzi and tells us some stories about his sexual exploits.

The first time he had sex was only two years ago when he was 17 – and he's been going like gangbusters ever since. He was at a Halloween party and this girl had been teasing him for a while. That night, she was dressed as a sexy airline stewardess and she took Wesley to one of the back rooms of the house and he fucked her.

Since then, he's played the field. He's sees four or five girls “on and off” as he says, and gets laid a lot. So much so that he rarely jerks off anymore. Still, he managed to save some for our cameras!

Wesley definitely prefers girls, but he's been curious about guys, though he's never done anything with a guy yet. I think he's come to the right place to satisfy any curiosity!

When Wesley's with a girl, he is totally dominant. He likes for them to be verbal and tell him what they want. Wesley loves getting deepthroated, but he also likes literally fucking a girl halfway off the bed! You'll have to listen to his description, but it sounds like something we need to catch on camera!

He first jacked off when he was 9, but he can't remember if anything really happened at that point. Now when he does jerk off, he fantasizes about a girl in a thong or talking dirty. It turns him on to think about his girlfriend telling him she wants him to fuck her doggy-style.

Wesley works out every day in his own private gym, and focuses on circuit training to get a super-cut look, rather than pumping iron. It's definitely working for him! His lean muscles are nicely toned and his bubble butt is delicious.

He had trouble deciding what body part he thought stands out, since he strives for proportion. He did admit he's been impressed with his work on his back, and he flexes for us.

Wesley strokes his hot cock, getting it fully hard. He lubes up and strokes slowly at first, enjoying his grip around his dick. He gets on one knee out of the hot tub and feels that perfect bubble butt as he jerks his cock.

He works a thick, creamy load out of his cock! It just seems to keep coming as he strokes. He tells us he was thinking of his girlfriend upside down and face fucked. With an imagination like that, I can't wait to see what else we can get Wesley to do!

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