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Beau After Dark

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Added: April 6, 2019  |  Video Length: 16:32


Every time I see Beau in action I can’t help but think to myself, “How can someone be so good at sex?!”. Firstly, Beau’s body is flawless - he’s ripped and perfectly proportioned. Secondly, he’s as handsome as could be - he definitely won the genetic lottery not just with his body but also that face. Beau’s not just nice to look at, though! He’s got all those awesome physical traits, while also being an incredible person to be around and an absolute stud in the bedroom. Some of the absolute hottest sessions on the Guys area of the site feature Beau getting fucked, his dick hard as steel throughout as he takes it like a champ. If you want to see him top, though? You’ll not be the least bit disappointed. Here in this Coeds After Dark episode? Beau continues to show us he’s got it going on regardless of what type of action he’s getting in to! Team Beau!

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