Cade Fucks Matt

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Cade Fucks Matt

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Added: January 5, 2009 | Video Length: 22:30 Minutes | Photos: 11 Photos


I'd been looking forward to filming Cade and Matt together for some time, and found myself strangely eager to do just that when the opportunity presented itself. I say "strangely eager" because I've obviously been filming hot guys having hot sex for quite awhile now (coming up on exactly 5 years this month!) and so it can seem sort of odd that I'm almost giddily looking forward to filming a particular pairing or model.

But there was just something about a Cade and Matt pairing that had me so excited! Perhaps it's the contrast between the two, while still having so much in common. Cade's the big, buff, muscular jock while Matt is a leaner, preppier, younger guy with definite boyish qualities. While Cade can come across like a tough jock, Matt seems more like the innocent and quiet type. When it comes to what they have in common, however, it's clear they both love sex and are horny as can be!

I still often find myself kind of surprised at just how sexual Matt is. He seems, as I'd mentioned before, so sweet and innocent that you don't really expect him to let loose and be wild in bed. A huge part of his appeal, for me, is that he's so damn sexual in a way you almost wouldn't expect! Seeing him work so hard - and succeed! - at deep throating Cade's dick towards the start of this video was so hot! With Cade's dick sliding in and out of his lips, his spit dripping all over, and his amazing ass (without a doubt, Matt has one of the hottest asses I've ever seen!) poking out from the top of his shorts while he jerks himself off, he's quite the sight!

I'm sure Cade agreed, as he was clearly turned on and having fun. Either he just knew he was about to have one really hot fuck, or there was a real connection between the two, but he was as hard as could be and loving every second of the action.

Indeed, I suspect there definitely was a connection between these two that played out in the rest of the action! While the action is pretty one-way when it comes to the roles they play - Matt sucks Cade, but Cade doesn't suck Matt; Matt rims Cade, but Cade doesn't rim Matt; Cade fucks Matt in several positions, neither of these guys would have had it any other way. Cade's definitely a top, and Matt is definitely a bottom and loves to service. They each knew that about themselves and one another, and were all about doing precisely what they wanted and liked! So, while the porn producer in me said to myself, "Get these guys to do as much with and to each other as possible", the voyeur in me overruled that as I just stood back and let them do what they wanted... get Cade's dick into Matt's ass!

Once that happens, the wild boy in Matt comes out again! He couldn't possibly look more mischievous and sexual than he does as Cade begins to pound him harder and harder - not only moaning and groaning louder and louder but also smiling this naughty smile that seems to say, "Now THIS is how I like it!"

This session was definitely a case of filming two guys fucking, instead of filming a fuck scene. You see, a fuck scene is shot with the cameras, viewers, and final video in mind. Filming two guys fucking is just a matter of letting them do their thing, while trying to keep up and stay out of the way! Even after Cade blows his load, and we'd then normally get set to film Matt fire off his own, I could see Matt was on cloud 9, happy enough to have just gotten fucked so good and had Cade cum on him, that he didn't even care about his own orgasm. Sure enough, later on, he confessed, "That whole time was like one big, long orgasm!".

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