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Added: April 12, 2019  |  Video Length: 15:06


Clay comes across as the shy and quiet type, at first - I was a bit worried initially, even, that he was a bit too intimidated by arriving at CF to strip down and stroke off that I wasn’t sure he’d be able to film! Once Clay got comfy around the studio and the other guys, though, he quickly came out of his shell. Letting him hit a few baseballs likely helped get Clay to open up also. He’s a darn good baseball player and has played his whole life! When we went out to the park to give him the chance to take a few swings, I was expecting we’d have to pitch a bunch before we’d get a good hit on camera to use for this video. Nope! Clay pretty much nailed every single one of them! But hey - you know I’m not gonna talk baseball without making the requisite “swing his bat” comment, and that’s precisely what we get to see Clay do after the morning in the park. I don’t yet know whether we’ll see him pitch or catch, but I do know he cums so hard after jerking off here he sends that load clear over the wall and in to the upper deck (or the pillow next to his head, at least)!

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