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Dane & Elian After Dark

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4.5/5.0 avg rating

Added: April 8, 2019  |  Video Length: 17:34


Elian and Dane are the absolute perfect pairing for After Dark action - when you put these two together, all you have to do is stand back and let them do their thing. They’re so in to one another, and each so naturally sexual, that the hardest part of filming these two is making sure they hold off and give us time to turn the cameras on before they go at it! The little details are what you’ll probably notice here most - Dane eagerly letting Elian fuck his throat, and actually seeming to enjoy it when Elian makes him gag; Dane’s own cock - untouched - being stiff and hard while Elian pumps his dick in and out of Dane’s mouth; Elian eager to get his tongue in Dane’s hole every chance he gets; Dane’s cock seeming to get even harder and stiffer and almost pulsing as Elian slides his own dick in to him; Dane gripping and pulling at the blanket as Elian starts to pump his hole; Dane arching his back and pushing his ass up, desperate to get as much of Elian’s cock in him as possible, as deep as possible; Elian’s rapid-fire, hard jackhammering of Dane’s hole making Dane moan and whimper louder and louder. There was no doubt, the instant the action here started, where Elian’s load was going. He wasn’t going to pull out, and was gonna cum deep in Dane. Even after Dane cuts in Elian’s mouth, the action is far from over - they make the most of the big, thick load Dane shoots. Brace yourself for this one!

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