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3.8/5.0 avg rating

Added: April 2, 2019  |  Video Length: 10:35


Big, buff, blond, and a genuine treat to be around - all that describes David! David is indeed the whole buff package. He’s friendly and outgoing, charismatic and has an outgoing and upbeat personality, and he’s motivated and driven! On top of all that, he’s also a total stud! He clearly spends a fair amount of time in the gym and staying active, and has gotten quite the physique out of it. Something I particularly enjoy out of David’s worked out bod is that dusting of blond hair he has all over his chest. David tells us what he most often gets complimented on is his butt, and once you see it you’ll understand why! I certainly hope we get to see that butt in action soon, but until then I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing David stroke himself off and splatter his abs with his load!

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