Jared & Mitch Take Turns

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Jared & Mitch Take Turns

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Added: November 24, 2020 | Video Length: 23:31 Minutes | Photos: 17 Photos


When you get two horny, insatiable, hung guys like Mitch and Jared together, how do you determine who fucks and who gets fucked? Easy - you don't! Both of these studs love to give and get, so that's precisely what they do with one another here! Of course, Jared and Mitch flip fucking can only happen if they tear themselves away from sucking each other's cocks first, and it was no easy feat getting them to stop doing that. Apparently they'd each spent a good long while thinking about, wanting, and thirsting for the chance to suck each other's dicks, so when the get to do it here they furiously go at it. If it wasn't for the fact that I knew all that amazing oral would just get them each more and more fired up for some hardcore fucking, I might have been worried about the batteries in the cameras dying before they even got to the fucking! Mitch wasn't going to miss out on getting Jared's dick in him, though, and Jared wasn't going to miss out on getting railed by Mitch. The energy, enthusiasm, intensity, and passion with which they sucked one another carries over to how they fuck one another, and by the end of it all we have two very satisfied and spent guys - and one cum-drenched guy!

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