Luke & Emerson Get Wet

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Luke & Emerson Get Wet

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Added: October 11, 2015 | Video Length: 16:51 Minutes


Luke leans over and kisses Emerson. I don’t know how ready he was for it, but the second their lips touched, they both wanted things to go further.

Although Luke has hooked up with some guys before, this is the first time he really goes after a guy, probably in no small part because of how hot Emerson is. The attraction isn’t one sided though. Emerson likes Luke taking control and with a taste of Luke’s hot cock, he’s ready to give him whatever her wants- and Luke wants that ass!

Emerson bends over the pool’s edge to be fucked in plain daylight. Luke loves his tight hole and Emerson loves it wrapped around Luke’s hard rod. Emerson flips over and Luke drives into him, fucking him so good that he trembles all over when he cums- shooting shot after shot of jizz in every direction!

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