Rocky Soaks Dane

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Rocky Soaks Dane

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Added: March 28, 2023 | Video Length: 19:51 Minutes | Photos: 16 Photos


Dane and Rocky joke around a bit at the start of this one that it's their first time together in a couple years. We know that's not true, though, as these guys have become one of our most iconic CF pairings - they go so well together, get along so great together, and have such hot sex with one another that thinking of one often brings the other to mind immediately.

This insanely hot action in this episode is a reminder of why it is we all love a Rocky and Dane pairing so much, and how well they go together. They can go so effortlessly and genuinely between passionate kissing and playful banter, and amidst all of the intense sexual tension and obvious lust they share for one another is the plain and obvious evidence they just really, truly enjoy being around each other! There's a bit of a bromance between these two, and I think you'll all see that in how in to the action Rocky is here.

At times, Rocky can't help but moan about how hot and sexy Dane is, without even really thinking about it. When he eats Dane's ass, he goes at it like we've never seen him eat an ass before. Once he gets his dick in Dane? There's no stopping him 'til he's blown one of his trademark epic loads. And Dane? His dick is fully hard the entire time Rocky fucks him as he writhes around and moans for more. Dane can barely handle Rocky's cock, but he wants it nonetheless and having it inside him makes him blow a huge load nonetheless. While Rocky's the one known for massive loads, the one Dane fires off as Rocky fucks him is seems to never stop firing. And when it's Rocky's turn to blow his own load? As we all knew would happen, Dane ends up completely soaked.

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