Travis Pounds Rudy Poolside

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Travis Pounds Rudy Poolside

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Added: May 10, 2011 | Video Length: 27:14 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


After tossing the frisbee and football howlers around for a while (and accidentally running over Cameron) Travis and Rudy head over to the cabana to cool off. Of course, with guys this hot, cooling off never quite goes as planned!

Rudy has really taken to the guy/guy action scenes. He's also proven just as gifted a bottom as he has a top. And while Travis has a reputation for his spectacular bottoming scenes, it's always great to watch him top. I think because he is so enthusiastic about getting fucked, he knows exactly how to fuck someone to make them respond as passionately as he does.

Travis and Rudy kiss. Travis kisses his way down Rudy's chest and to his crotch. Travis pulls Rudy's cock out of his underwear. It pops out, rock-hard, and Travis goes down on it.

Rudy jerks Travis as they kiss again. Travis feeds Rudy his dick. Then Rudy rims Travis, driving his tongue deep into Travis' hole. For a second, I wonder who's going to be fucking whom!

Then Travis returns the favor, and there's no question. He smacks Rudy's ass and eats out his sweet hole. That gets both of them worked up. Travis slides his dick up and down Rudy's ass crack, teasing both of them.

Rudy wants that big cock inside him. Travis slides it in, making Rudy gasp with intense pleasure. Travis keeps pushing deeper. Rudy strokes his own cock as Travis drills him from behind. He backs up onto Travis' big dick, with Travis encouraging him to take every inch.

Travis flips Rudy onto his back. With Rudy's legs high above his head, Travis jackhammers his ass. Rudy jerks his cock and plays with his nipple as Travis rams faster and faster.

Rudy tells Travis he loves that big dick, and keeps repeating under his breath, “Fuck me, fuck me.” They kiss and Rudy is in ecstasy. Travis smacks his face and feeds him his thumb … and Rudy sucks it hungrily, eager to take all of Travis that he can.

Travis fucks Rudy on his side, thrusting in and out. Rudy's going wild. Travis jerks Rudy's cock for him as he fucks him. Rudy blasts out his load all over his stomach. Travis pounds him harder, then pulls out, spraying his huge load all over Rudy!

Rudy's drenched in cum. The guys jump in the pool and can't stop kissing each other. At least they got cooled off, finally!

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