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Trey's First Time

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Trey's First Time

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Added: February 18, 2009 | Video Length: 20:54 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


He's hot. He's ripped. He's personable and charismatic. He's fucking a guy for the very first time! It's time to see Trey go at it with another guy!

At the outset of this video, I really had to keep myself from busting out laughing! I was talking to Trey, with Matt sitting to the side with a rather mischievous smirk on his face, and was about to go into some detail with Trey about what he could expect and what we'd like to see him do. I barely managed to get a word out, though, before Matt jumps up off of the bed, straddles Trey and starts kissing him. I didn't get a chance to tell Trey the rest of what I'd intended to mention, but I suppose Matt was going to show him all of that anyways!

Trey's a stud I was particularly eager to see take the leap into guy/guy action. He has this winning smile and I was wondering if and how we'd get a chance to see that smile in this new setting for him. We certainly do see that smile plenty here, as he just can't contain what a kick he's getting out of the entire situation. I knew Trey was going to have fun here with Matt even though it was his very first time doing any of this. He'd mentioned prior to our starting filming that he was pretty amused by the fact that people were going to want to see this, amused by the fact that such a thing was not only going to take place at all but also do so in front of cameras and tons of viewers, and admitted to the fact that his adventurous nature had him quite looking forward to seeing how things would unfold, how he'd react to it all, and how good Matt would be at doing what he does so well!

What I think puts Trey at ease the most here is Matt's practically worshipping his body and so loving sucking his dick. When Matt would lick Trey's chest or feel him up, that got a real reaction out of Trey. By the time Matt goes down on him and gets his dick between his lips, Trey is loving it. Matt totally loves giving head, and it shows here! If you're going to take a shot at getting your first ever BJ from a guy, it might as well be from Matt! We probably could have gone on for a few hours with Matt sucking Trey's dick and neither of the two would have complained a bit.

Things did have to get kicked up a notch, though, and they do so when Matt gets up, pulls his own cock out of his jeans, and presents it to Trey. I have to say that seeing a guy suck a dick for the very first time is, to me, one of the hottest things ever. It turns me on immensely to watch that happen, and it was tons of fun seeing it here! Matt's attention to his dick must have really gotten Trey fired up and horny because he does his best to return the favor by giving Matt's cock some awesome treatment.

Soon enough, though, it's time for Trey to get his dick into Matt's hole. Matt's been looking hotter than ever lately, so it worked out well that their first position is Matt riding Trey's cock. We get to see both of these guys' hot bodies as they fuck - Trey's glistening in sweat, Matt's tight and flexing while his hard dick sways about. Once Trey gets Matt bent over the bed and starts fucking him doggy style, Matt can't hold back anymore and shoots his load with Trey's dick up inside him. When it's Trey's turn to shoot his own load, he aims his dick at Matt's mouth and fires off some big shots of cum on to Matt's tongue. Trey just keeps coming, though, and soon Matt's face is totally splattered in his load!

Judging by the way both of these guys kiss at the end of the action, I think it's safe to say Trey had a good time!

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