5 Way Suck Fest

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5 Way Suck Fest

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Added: February 5, 2007 | Video Length: 24:16 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


This very well might be our most well-stocked Tuesday update yet! 5 hot college studs in an all out suck fest, kissing and rubbing and touching and licking and sucking all over every inch of the room!

We kick things off with Trevor, Nick, Derek, Caleb and Shaun hanging out and chilling in the big room, talking about everything from girls to anal sex to collegiate sports. An especially hot aspect of the first part of this video is seeing the guys play with themselves and prep themselves for what they know will soon come - no holds barred sucking! You can tell that the guys were worked up and horny and couldn't help but think about what was set to happen, regardless of whatever topic of conversation they were on.

Then, as things finally do kick off with Nick being the leader he is, there's no stopping these studs! Every stud's mouth gets filled with cock and every cock is dripping slick with spit before long. There are so many inches of hard dick in this video! Whether paired off, in trios, or in a 5-stud daisy chain on the floor, each of these guys is having a blast - especially Shaun!

What a lucky stud Shaun is in this video! At it's climax, he's sucking cock after cock while stroking off straight studs with his hands! Finally, he's treated to every single guys' load on that hot face of his and can hardly get enough!

If you really pay attention, you'll notice that one of the absolute hottest things about this video are how the guys interact with each other beyond just the sucking, stroking and kissing. The affection all these straight studs show for Shaun at the end of this video, the words of encouragement they all give each other, and just how excited each guy gets when watching their buddy blow his load (notice how they almost instinctively reach out and caress and touch the guy that's cumming and all get visibly intrigued and even excited and inspired by one another's cum shots!) is priceless. There's no substitute for letting these guys get to know one another and become buddies before, during and after shoots and you'll see just how much that adds to the hotness in this one, for sure :)

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