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Aaron Fucks Ethan

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Aaron Fucks Ethan

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Added: August 5, 2010 | Video Length: 22:47 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Sometimes the fun part of matching guys up is not only the different types of attitude, but types of looks as well. Ethan looks like a movie star. His face sometimes resembles a young Tom Cruise and his body is flawless. Look at his stomach close-up and there's so little body fat you can see the veins in his abs. And speaking of veins – his main one is a nice fat one! It's no wonder Trey liked getting it so much!

Aaron, on the other hand, is the epitome of the guy next door look – lean, natural muscle and a mischievous, boyish face. His looks are only part of the story, though. His playful attitude and sexual nature make him a joy to shoot. And judging by what happens, this leading man and the all-American are an explosive combo!

Aaron tells Ethan he's been waiting to get him in the bedroom for a while, because he's hot and he wants to make out with him. Even though Ethan's a slightly bigger build, Aaron quickly takes control by kissing Ethan and getting him out of his shirt. Ethan asks him to suck his dick and Aaron gets down on the bed to undo Ethan's pants. Ethan's big dick, already hardening, flops out, for Aaron to suck on.

“Oh, it feels so good in your mouth,” Ethan says, as Aaron goes down on him. Aaron sucks and strokes him, until he asks if Ethan wants to return the favor. Ethan pulls Aaron's jeans off and sucks his cock. The sucking turns into kissing, as Ethan grinds his cock up against Aaron's, then Aaron slides his dick between Ethan's cheeks, which teases both of them.

Aaron tells Ethan, “I want to fuck you,” and Ethan says, “I want you to fuck me.” The action starts off slow, as Ethan sits on Aaron's cock. Ethan's hard cock curves forward as he watches himself get fucked in the mirror. Aaron thrusts upward, deep into his ass. “Oh, you fuck so good!” Ethan yells at one point. But Aaron is pumping so hard, he's got no breath left to respond!

Ethan gets off Aaron's dick so he can get on all fours and get taken from behind. Aaron smiles as he drives hard into Ethan's tight ass. Ethan keeps moaning, his big dick swinging between his legs as Aaron pounds away. “You like that tight ass?” Ethan asks. It's obvious Aaron does, as he keeps fucking him harder. Ethan lifts his ass up higher, letting Aaron in deeper.

Quickly flipping Ethan over, Aaron fucks him so he can kiss that pretty-boy face and neck. He continues to drill away and lifts Ethan's legs up. His abs contract with each powerful push of Aaron's cock inside his ass. “Feels so fucking good. I love your dick, I fucking love your dick,” Ethan says, as he edges closer to coming.

He can't hold off anymore, and he squirts a thick, sloppy load all over his tight abs. Aaron follows up almost instantly, shooting a thick stream all the way up to Ethan's chest. Ethan rubs it in and tells Aaron that was amazing as they kiss.

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