Aaron Fucks Josh

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Aaron Fucks Josh

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Added: April 20, 2010 | Video Length: 18:52 Minutes | Photos: 19 Photos


Aaron let us know he was definitely more of a top when he arrived at CF, so it only made sense we get him topping as soon as possible! Mind you, his being more of a top certainly didn't get in the way of his thoroughly enjoying the incredible fuck he received from Dawson, but it also made for quite the hot time when we saw him fucking James! Now, he's back to put that dick of his to work again and fuck Josh!

From the start of the action here, it was apparent Josh could hardly wait to feel Aaron's dick in him and Aaron was ready and eager to bury his cock in Josh's ass. If the fucking in this video was going to be as hot as the sucking that precedes it, things were sure to be intense! Josh takes every inch of Aaron's cock down his throat as he works it over with his mouth, and Aaron is loving the treatment his dick is getting!

Mind you, Josh isn't the only one that swallows some cock here! Aaron also works over Josh's dick with his own mouth, sucking it deep and running his lips and tongue over it until it's rock hard and stiff. He also makes sure he gets to lick Josh's balls before he gets Josh's legs up in the air and starts to play with his hole.

Aaron's fingers and tongue prep Josh's ass for the fucking that's to follow, and the rimming has both guys eager to move on to the main event!

With Josh on his back, legs in the air, Aaron starts to slide his dick in to him and pump his hole. The look on Josh's face makes it clear just how much he's loving it, as does the fact that his dick is as hard as could be! Aaron fucks with long, deep strokes, using every inch of his cock to deliver a hot pounding! As they move around so that Josh is straddling Aaron's cock, Aaron then finds himself thrusting up in to Josh's hole hard and fast, Josh's own dick pointed skyward as he gets fucked.

The guys then move on to their sides, with Aaron fucking Josh from behind. They're not in this position long before Josh is spraying a massive, powerful load all over! Seeing Josh cum is all it takes to make Aaron's own load boil out of his balls, and he is soon cumming as well! By the end of it all, both guys are spent and Josh is drenched in cum!

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