Aaron Fucks Trey

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Aaron Fucks Trey

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Added: March 9, 2010 | Video Length: 16:07 Minutes | Photos: 21 Photos


As hot as it was seeing Aaron bottom for Dawson, I wanted to also see this young stud fuck another guy! He rarely bottoms, and that was a big part of why his first action video here at CF was so hot. Given he's more experienced at topping, though, I couldn't help but think it'd be just as hot seeing him plug a fellow CF stud with that dick of his, and so set about making that happen!

Trey made a great candidate for taking on Aaron and bottoming for him. I was actually sitting around recently, looking over some of the videos we'd shot in the past and thinking about how different guys did in them, and it occurred to me that Trey looks as good as anyone while getting fucked. In part, it's because he's such a handsome guy with a great ass and body. But it's also due to the fact that he's just such a great bottom! He's come to really enjoy it, and that's evident in his reactions and how he looks while it's happening!

As you might expect, these two get right in to it here. It's not long before they're sixty-nining, each one swallowing as much of the other's cock as they can. Both guys are rock hard, their dicks slick with spit as they slide past the other's lips and get worked over by their tongues.

Both were eager to get to the fucking, though, and it wasn't long before Trey was bent over, with Aaron sliding his cock into him from behind. Aaron wasted no time in starting to pump in and out, burying his dick as deep in Trey's ass as it'd go and thrusting back and forth. Aaron even teases Trey's hole some in the midst of all the fucking, driving Trey wild!

The subtle things each guy does add to how hot the action here is. Aaron's gaze is fixated on his dick as it slides in and out of Trey's hole, and he's clearly enjoying seeing that as much as we are! Whenever he slides his cock all the way out, Trey reaches back to help him guide it back in - unable to wait any longer to feel that hard dick pumping his hole again!

A not-so-subtle sign of just how much Trey was loving it was that he cums fast and hard! None of us were expecting him to cum so soon, but he soon starts almost wailing that he's going to blow his load! Amidst loud gasps and grunts, he starts shooting cum all over the place as Aaron pumps him harder and faster. Aaron has plenty more fucking in store, and keeps on drilling Trey's ass as Trey continues to stroke his own cock and work every last drop of cum out of himself.

All this time, Trey's cock has stayed totally hard! In fact, out of nowhere, he starts to shoot a second load! We barely captured this one on camera, as it almost came out of nowhere! Seeing the hot stud he's fucking blow two loads is enough to send Aaron over the top, and he soon pulls out to totally paint Trey's back in cum!

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