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Added: August 10, 2009 | Video Length: 21:07 Minutes | Photos: 17 Photos


You'll be able to tell, early on in his introductory solo video, that Abel is an extremely engaging, friendly, charismatic guy. While it's not uncommon for guys to be visibly nervous at the outset of their interviews, Abel was smiling and comfortable right from the start. He had no problem at all leaning in to the camera and flashing a big smile, having fun answering Pete's questions and telling us all about himself.

In case that smile and engaging personality weren't enough, you'll also hear a definite southern twang in his speech. He's a southern boy and you can tell from both his accent and that demeanor! It's settled - I'm smitten!

His expressions and the way in which he answers a lot of Pete's questions are tons of fun to watch. He doesn't just answer with his words, but his entire face. He reacts quite expressively to a lot of them, such as Pete's asking, "Do you watch a lot of porn?".

"Of course I do!", he immediately answers with a big smile and with his eyes lighting up.

Abel's an athlete, playing soccer and snowboarding for a number of years now. He also works out quite a bit - all of which have combined to give him an amazing body and an absolutely incredible ass! It's still that smile that you keep going back to, though - even Pete couldn't help but ask him to smile again while Abel was standing there flexing his biceps, totally nude, showing his body off in all its glory.

Being so expressive and engaging while speaking, it only makes sense he'd be the same way when blowing his load! After stroking his hard dick for awhile and showing off that great body for us, Abel gets to panting and grunting like crazy before finally spraying a load all over the bed! At the end of his solo, we're treated to the hot sight of his still hard dick, wet with cum, before the camera pans up over that tan and tight build and finally fading out while looking down in to those blue eyes and hot face!

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