Adam Fucks Vince

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Adam Fucks Vince

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Added: July 21, 2009 | Video Length: 23:15 Minutes | Photos: 21 Photos


Vince has really settled in to things here at CF quite well, and I've been pleasantly surprised by just how quickly he was able to get comfortable not only doing things with guys, but also doing them in front of our cameras. He seemed so hyper-heterosexual when I first met him, that I anticipated it taking quite awhile to get him to fully let loose and get in to things. That hasn't been the case in the least, though, and he's gotten in to some pretty hot action with a couple of his fellow CF studs and looked great doing it!

Here, we see just how good Vince is as getting comfortable, going with the flow, and allowing himself to have some hot sex despite guy/guy action all still being so new to him. Rather than a wham, bam approach to things, Adam starts off by kissing Vince slowly, passionately, and deeply. They exert some real intimacy here, and Vince looks just as comfortable with that as he did during his intense fuck with Derek and hot session with Brent. He doesn't hesitate to kiss, to touch, to feel, and to go all out here! Adam certainly seems to be enjoying that quite a bit!

So, while initially seeing Vince as hyper-heterosexual, it turns out that energy and total lust I observed him having with girls early on are not really because of the girls so much as they are just his being a passionate, horny, sexual young man - and he can be that way with guys, as well!

His dick takes no time to get hard, and Adam is greeted by Vince's big, stiff, uncut cock as he strips Vince's clothes off. Adam passionately sucks it, while Vince's facial expressions leave no doubt as to how much he's liking it while running his hand along Adam's neck and the back of his head. By the time Adam pulls his own cock out, he's also as hard as could be and Vince eagerly takes Adam's dick between his lips to suck on it some. Once the guys work themselves in to a sixty-nine, both are totally loving the opportunity to feed on one another's cocks while getting their own serviced in turn.

Adam knew he was going to get to fuck Vince's hole sooner rather than later, so quickly switched from sucking his dick to eating out his ass. Vince's legs go higher and higher in to the air as Adam's face gets buried deeper and deeper between his ass cheeks, his tongue diving in and out of his hole.

Once Adam gets his dick in to Vince's ass, Vince is moaning and groaning all over as he braces himself against the bed and takes Adam's drilling. Adam's big dick must have been hitting all the right spots, and there's no doubt he was enjoying having Vince bent over the bed reacting to every one of his thrusts, and turning around to look at him in the eyes as he fucks him.

While some guys aren't quite sure what to do when the guy they're fucking approaches orgasm, thankfully Adam knows exactly what will make Vince feel good as Vince declares he's about to cum. Adam just gets more turned on and starts to fuck harder and faster as Vince blasts a big load all over himself! When it's his turn to cum, Adam gets up next to Vince's face and shoots his own big load right in to Vince's mouth before the two kiss!

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