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Added: May 18, 2009 | Video Length: 22:24 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm pretty excited about Adrian appearing here at CF. He's another guy that I'd first made contact with awhile back, and yet it seemed to take forever before I was finally able to get him out here for a shoot! With school and a very busy athletics schedule, he always had something going on that got in the way of coming out to film a video with us.

When he finally did make it out to film his solo, it was a bit of a surprise! Out of nowhere, I got a call from him saying, "Hey! Can I do my shoot tomorrow?". I wasn't expecting his call and hadn't planned on filming anything that day but I had been wanting to film Adrian for so long that I immediately tossed all that aside and said, "Yes! Let's do it!".

Now that you've seen Adrian, you can see why I was so eager to work with him! He's a total stud - a stellar athlete, an amazing body, awesome eyes, and an incredible face. Sexy as all hell, in fact. Even his voice and smile are thoroughly endearing - just watch his reaction when Pete asks him about the first time he had sex! Indeed, he readily and eagerly smiles throughout his solo, winning me over more and more each time.

Heck, even the sports he plays are sexy - rugby and competitive lifting. Just picturing him doing those is a turn on!

Despite the fact that it seemed to take forever to get Adrian out to film his solo with us, I never actually lost confidence in him or felt he was a lost cause. I knew from the get go that he was very dedicated to a couple of sports, as well as busy with school. He's one of those guys that excels at everything he applies himself too, and I didn't mind the fact that he was so busy applying himself to sports and school that CF didn't quite fit in at first! I knew he wasn't blowing me off, but was just very busy! In fact, he'd regularly text or call throughout all that time to say hey and touch base, and was always extremely professional, polite and friendly.

I certainly hope he's set to apply himself to CF now that he's here, though!

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