Aiden Stuffs Zeb

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Aiden Stuffs Zeb

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Added: April 5, 2012 | Video Length: 17:58 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


I've been waiting to pair these two up for quite a while! There's something so hot about a much bigger guy and a smaller, leaner one, as Aiden and Cameron showed a few months ago. So I've been itching to match up super big and buff Aiden with the handsome, lean Zeb. I suspect fans out there have been waiting for it, too.

What even I didn't know was Aiden and Zeb had been looking forward to it - eagerly - for quite a while! Maybe it was the difference in size, or the fact that they've gotten to be friends … heck, maybe it's the scorpion tattoos they have in common.

Whatever it is, before we even had the cameras ready, they were kissing and trying to rip each others's pants off at the same time. I had to rein them back in! Once Aiden and Zeb get going for real, it's a fuck fest to remember.

Aiden, of course, has been amazing us with his multiple load capability when he gets fucked. I joke with about that, and tell him it's time to try and “give back” and make some of the other guys cum more than once. He's more than willing to try!

Aiden pushes Zeb over the edge of the bed and lubes up his massive cock. He slides it in and starts pounding Zeb. They haven't even gotten their shirts off yet! Aiden smacks Zebs ass and tells him how sexy he is.

Zeb moans as he takes every thick inch of Aiden's dick. “I'm making this ass mine,” Aiden tells Zeb. He bangs away, stuffing his cock as far inside Zeb as he can.

“I want you to ride me,” Aiden tells Zeb. Zeb climbs up on top and slides down onto Aiden's dick. He bounces up and down on Aiden. Zeb and Aiden watch themselves fucking in the mirror. Aiden jackhammers his cock up inside Zeb.

Aiden keeps telling Zeb how sexy and gorgeous he is. Zeb rolls onto the bed and Aiden shoves his dick back into his ass from behind. Zeb has a huge grin on his face as Aiden thrusts deep into him.

Zeb lies on his back. Aiden fucks him in the missionary position, drilling all the way into him. Aiden kisses Zeb's neck and shoulders. Zeb strokes his cock as Aiden fucks him harder.

Zeb shoots his load onto his stomach. Aiden pulls out and blasts a thick load of cum all the way up Zeb's chest and over his shoulder. Zeb avoids getting it in his eye like Cameron did, though!

Aiden drenches Zeb in cum. The guys kiss and Aiden tells Zeb how he couldn't wait to fuck him. Now I'm craving a Zeb sandwich with TWO bigger guys. Sounds yummy to me!

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