Aiden's Triple Load II

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Aiden's Triple Load II

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Added: October 6, 2011 | Video Length: 17:51 Minutes | Photos: 21 Photos


If you're one of the 23 people left on the planet who haven't seen Aiden's Triple Load, head over to CF Select now and watch Connor fuck three loads out of our big, beautiful bodybuilder.

It's an amazing, pretty much unprecedented fuck between two scorching hot guys – and more cum than any one guy should be able to generate!

What none of us could have suspected was that when we paired Aiden up with Cain … Cain would fuck another three loads out of Aiden!

After the guys play some tug-of-war, they head in to the bedroom. In no time, they're 69ing each other. Aiden's chokes on Cain's thick, uncut cock – and that's turning Cain on, big time!

Cain spits on Aiden's hole, then drives his tongue into it. When he fingers Aiden's hole, Aiden begs Cain to stick his dick in there. Aiden tells Cain how bad he wants it.

Cain stands over Aiden in a piledriver position. He slides his dick into Aiden's tight ass. He drills Aiden and it's only moments before Aiden blasts Load Number One all over his abs!

Aiden shakes from the intense orgasm. Cain gets Aiden on all fours so he can fuck him doggy-style. Aiden's dick hasn't gone down yet. He strokes himself as Cain pounds him.

Cain slams his cock into Aiden's ass, and hammers Load Numebr Two out of him! It's almost as much as the first load! It splatters all over the sheets.

Aiden kisses Cain, but Cain throws him back down on the bed. He's just going to keep fucking Aiden until he comes again! Cain pinches Aiden's sensitive nipples as he buries his cock in Aiden's ass.

Cain pumps away. Aiden wants to come again. And damn if Cain doesn't fuck Load Number Three out of Aiden! It's not as much as the first two, but damn impressive!

Aiden wants to eat Cain's cum. Cain pulls out and blasts his thick load down Aiden's throat. Aiden sucks Cain's cock dry, squeezing the nuts to get every drop out.

I don't know if this kind of insane cum-frenzy can happen again … but I think Aiden's more than willing to try!

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