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Added: May 21, 2012 | Video Length: 17:39 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


Avery is a cute guy with a nice swimmer's build, a fun outgoing personality and a smile that won't quit. He's also got a pretty unique feature – his eyes are two separate colors! Avery also says he's interested mainly in girls but likes some guys, too. Guess this fun new freshman sees things from both sides!

Avery's been swimming and playing soccer since he was little. He was a little nervous when he first got in front of the camera, and I'm not surprised. He related the story of the first time he jerked off and got caught! He's over it now, though and he's ready to expose himself to the world.

Avery jerks off at least a couple of times a week and one of his favorite fantasies to think about while stroking is to think about giving someone a creampie. I think we can arrange for that to happen here at CF.

Avery likes guys with ripped six-packs, and girls with great lips. “I'm a huge kisser,” he explains. “I really like kissing.” He also loves oral sex, calling it a fun little adventure. I like this guy!

Avery removes his shirt and flexes to show off his chest and biceps. He works out 6 times a week and likes to focus on cardio and abs. The work pays off, as Avery has been working out intensely on his legs and his ass looks amazing.

Avery sits down and lubes his already-stiff cock. He strokes with both hands at first, pushing outward. Alternating hands, Avery jerks his dick faster. He plays with his nipple as he jerks.

Playing with his balls, Avery moans and breathes heavily. He rubs the head of his cock, then pinches each nipple in turn. He kneels on the couch and strokes his dick downwards.

Lying down, Avery jerks his cock even faster. He lubes up his cock up again, then adds a little lube to his nipples for good measure. He jerks out a thick load that lands on his stomach. He rubs the cum onto his cock.

Avery's come a long way from that first time he got caught jerking off – and now I want to catch him doing even more stuff on camera!

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