Best Buds Get Tagged

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Best Buds Get Tagged

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Added: September 6, 2007 | Video Length: 21:22 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


I knew that when we got Best Buds TJ and Ben to work with us, there were a lot of great possibilities with regard to the kinds of scenes we could shoot and what we could have the two of them do. The potential was there, but I can honestly say I wasn't quite sure that potential could ever be fulfilled. I knew what I'd love to see TJ and Ben do, but had no idea if it would at all be possible. Would either of them even be into doing any guy/guy stuff at all? If one was, was there any chance in hell both would? What's more, even if both agreed to give the CF Education a shot, was there even the most remote possibility they'd ever do stuff together?! Well, we've seen the answer to those questions, and it's all worked out tremendously! Not only have they experienced a great deal of new stuff here at CF, but they've also experienced a lot of that together!

As much as they've done with one another, though, I doubt it'd ever really be enough. Every time we have the two of them do a scene together, we get e-mails asking to see them do even more they've not yet done. It seems all you incredible fans have some really great ideas on what you'd like to see the Best Buds do, and we're scrambling to make that happen! I don't think TJ and Ben had any idea that coming out to CF together could or would ever lead to so much, but they've certainly been troopers about it all throughout!

The latest chorus of e-mails about TJ and Ben had a whole lot mentioning we'd yet to see the two of them get tag teamed together. Well, damn! That's definitely a hot idea! Both Best Buds, side by side, taking turns getting fucked by two other CF studs!

Nick and Trevor were the perfect CF studs to participate in this latest Best Buds installment! Both of them are wonderfully hung with big, thick dicks and both of them are incredibly popular on the site, each being a Dean's List honoree. Both also have a fun-loving attitude and were fully aware of what a unique situation it'd be trading off on two lifelong friends! They each really got a kick out of the idea when I proposed it, and each had a whole lot of fun using their big dicks on TJ's and Ben's tight holes throughout this vid!

We've seen how hot both TJ and Ben look while getting fucked, and have seen just how hot Nick and Trevor look while fucking. Now, we get to see it all at once in a super sweaty 4-way with Best Buds TJ and Ben getting treated to a whole lot of straight stud cock!

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