Blowing Cooper

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Blowing Cooper

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Added: July 28, 2008 | Video Length: 09:09 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


You just never know how things are going to play out when filming a straight guy getting their very first BJ from another guy.

Sometimes, it's clear they're terribly nervous and freaked out and spend the entire video clutching the bed, eyes closed tight, wondering what to make of the whole thing. Other times, they're nervous at first but then get completely caught up in the moment to the point it's clear they are feeling good and loving it. Beyond that, there are times the guy is visibly excited from the get go and you can't help but think the whole affair is satisfying some long held, yet heretofore unaddressed curiosity.

Sometimes, it can take the guy ages to get hard; others he's rock-hard from the start, even before the pants are off! Cumming is an entirely different story, still! There are times when it seems like there's just no way the guy is going to get off from the BJ, and other times when he's firing off a load with no problem whatsoever.

Here with Cooper's very first guy/guy BJ ever; we're getting a combination of my absolute favorite scenarios. Firstly, he's a bit nervous at the start and you can tell he's still figuring the entire situation out. However, he has no problem whatsoever getting hard and his dick was more than ready for what was happening! What's more, as he gets closer and closer to cumming - thanks entirely and exclusively to Travis' hands and mouth - he can't hold back his excitement and gets really into it! I love it when, on his first BJ vid at CF, a guy gets off without having to touch themselves at all, and it's completely the work of their partner that gets them off!

That CF-fave Travis is the one doing the sucking makes it that much better! This is his first time breaking in a new guy and it's incredible to see him doing such a great job of it, after being a nervous newcomer himself not too long ago!

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