Blowing TJ

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Blowing TJ

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Added: August 28, 2006 | Video Length: 13:45 Minutes | Photos: 8 Photos


I think that after TJ took the leap and jacked off side by side with his buddy, Ben, he became that much more likely to be willing to take things a step further and let a guy blow him. In fact, when I approached him with the idea and asked if he'd be up for doing it, he even said "Well, if I beat off next to a dude I guess that wouldn't be too difficult." My thoughts exactly! :)

Now, I tried to feel out both TJ and Ben on the possibility of their being one another's first, but funny enough it was clear that they were each extremely weirded out by that idea. As much as that bummed me out, I could totally see where they were coming from. After all, as hot as it would be and as natural as it would seem, it certainly can change the nature of a friendship and be pretty darn awkward to do something like that with your long time best bud! So I figured I'd hold off on that front, and instead do my best to make sure that for TJ's first ever act with a guy, he'd receive such an amazing BJ that he couldn't help but want more! That's where Logan comes in!

Without a doubt, Logan is the master of breaking in his fellow straight studs, and has learned how to deliver killer blow jobs! I was eager as heck to see Logan work his magic on sexy young TJ and capture on film just how much Logan's skills would certainly blow him away and drive him wild.

Definitely, Logan performed flawlessly and you can tell that TJ is overwhelmed by just how good this BJ feels! Seeing this straight stud jerk off with his best bud just a short while ago to now seeing him get his first ever blow job from a guy has me insanely thrilled about just what else we might be able to get him to do!!

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