Bradley Gets Fucked

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Bradley Gets Fucked

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Added: February 28, 2013 | Video Length: 23:44 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


Oh, yes … I think all of us were hoping Bradley would try bottoming for another hot guy – and here he is with one of our newest Dean's Listers – Zeb!

The emails begging for Bradley to bottom were constant and passionate. In fact, I think Pete wrote a few of them! After Bradley fucked Aiden, he was curious to see what it would be like to get fucked. Zeb was more than willing – I think the word would be “eager” - to be the guy to take Bradley's cherry.

Both guys were laughing and enjoying the tension that had built up before Pete let the party get started. Zeb and Bradley kissed and Bradley practically threw Zeb down on the bed. I've kind of dreamed of doing that, too!

Bradley kisses Zeb up and down his torso. Zeb rolls around to climb on top of Bradley, teasing his nipples and his abs with his tongue. Zeb's come a long way since his first time with a guy and Bradley is getting all the benefit of that.

Zeb enjoys Bradley's body (who wouldn't?) and goes down on Bradley's succulent cock. Bradley is just as into Zeb, and quickly takes Zeb's dick into his mouth. Bradley gets Zeb's cock good and wet then climbs up on top of it.

Bradley slowly eases down onto Zeb's dick. The mixture of apprehension and excitement of getting fucked for the first time is evident on Bradley's face – he wasn't sure he would like it. Once Zeb is all the way in, Bradley clearly enjoys the ride.

Zeb slides his cock in after Bradley lies on his back. Bradley's dick never goes down, he's so excited to get fucked for the first time. Zeb pounds away, smacking Bradley's hard pecs as he fucks him. Zeb pulls out to rim Bradley, then shoves his cock back in even deeper.

Bradley can't hold back and blasts a huge load all over his abs. Zeb follows up shooting his big load on top of Bradley's cock. Zeb stuffs his dick back inside Bradley and kisses him before they head to the showers.

Bradley and Zeb talk about their experience in the shower and Zeb realizes he's never broken in a virgin before. Bradley says he loved it – so I hope we will continue to see him in action.

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