Brent Fucks TJ

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Brent Fucks TJ

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Added: February 6, 2008 | Video Length: 20:48 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


A nickname for this video should be "Attack of the Tall, Dark and Handsomes". It sure seems that the pendulum swings in favor of the blonds here at CF, but if TJ and Brent have their way it will be the brunettes that we're known for!

It wasn't the first time I'd heard this from one of the guys, but a short while after we shot this video I was talking to TJ and the subject came to bottoming, how it feels now compared to how it felt the first time he had a dick inside him, and what he thought about it all. We'd talked before about the fact that he's done a fair amount of bottoming on CF, but never really delved into how it all felt to him and what he thought about those feelings.

"It's gone from feeling very different and a little bit ok to feeling pretty good," TJ admitted.

Subtle, yet powerful!

No doubt, getting fucked by Brent played a big part in it feeling "pretty good"! Some would attribute it to Brent's long, lean and curved dick. But I'd peg Brent's ability to give his bottom partner tremendous pleasure more on the fact that he's so damn passionate and so attentive to his partner. He'll touch you all over, kiss you deeply, lick your feet, alternate his pace between fast and easy, and he also tunes into his partners approaching orgasm to time his thrusts in a way that makes it feel as incredible as can be for them.

This is the latest in an unofficial series of videos here at CF where we're pairing up some of our more experienced guys and seeing just how far they've come in their CF Educations. There are so many blatant differences, as well as subtle shifts, in how the guys take to guy-on-guy sex and it's amazing to compare their first few videos to these new ones, where they've really gotten comfortable with everything and really learned how to make things feel as good as possible. From their deep stares into one another’s eyes, constant kissing, and intense fucking, I'd say TJ and Brent are performing better now than they ever have before!

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