Cade Fucks Dawson Part Two

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Cade Fucks Dawson Part Two

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Added: March 23, 2006 | Video Length: 14:16 Minutes


Well it was only a matter of time before Dawson took on The Machine, and is this video ever a hot one! Not to toot my own horn, but after filming this one I stood there thinking about what we just captured on film and thought to myself "Damn..."!

The sight of these two guys together is hot enough in and of itself. They're both complete studs, with amazing bodies. So capturing them working out and lifting weights, their muscles flexing and wonderfully shaped bodies being shown off, was guaranteed to start things off hot! The guys work out and talk for a while about all kinds of things, getting more and more comfortable with one another and at ease - not to mention horny! I included lots of footage of Cade and Dawson working out simply because I felt it made for such great visuals, and their conversation was just so great to hear.

But I'm sure what you're really interested in is the sex, and that not only happens, but with a vengeance! Once these two guys go at it, they really go at it! They make out fiercely, worship each other's muscles and bodies, lick each other's biceps, chests and feet and leave hardly an inch of skin untouched by a slick tongue. When you're really into bodybuilding and working out, what better way to admire another built stud's physique than to kiss and lick it all over? :) After all the body worship has moved on to cocksucking and ass-eating, it's time for Dawson to take on Cade's big tool, and the mercury rises so high now it just about blows away the thermometer!

Seeing Cade's thick dick split Dawson's hole apart is an incredible sight! I was scrambling around to capture the action from all the angles that showed off just how hot it looked. You'll see when I'm filming Cade's dick plunging into Dawson's hole from behind and below Cade just what Dawson's ass is dealing with. Talk about a workout! And the noises Dawson makes while getting fucked? Too hot for words. He grunts, moans, pants, talks dirty, and holds on to the weight bench for dear life as Cade thrusts away. Dawson's face is hot enough, but the expressions he makes while taking on Cade's tool in this video are even hotter to an entirely new degree!

Cade drills Dawson in a couple of positions, from having Dawson on his back with his legs up to having him bent over the weight bench doggie style, and he's obviously both thrilled and impressed that Dawson's taking his pounding so well.

Ever the gentleman, Cade thanks Dawson for such a hot piece of ass by jerking off his buddy to climax, pulling a huge load out of his workout partner. Dawson then does the same for Cade, stroking him off 'til he fires off a powerful load. I just loved seeing these two guys not only bring each other to orgasm, but also just how excited and even enthralled they looked by their ability to get another guy off with their hands, as well as have someone else get them to cum by jerking them off. Seeing just how fascinated our straight studs are by another guys' orgasm - not to mention their ability to give another guy an orgasm and be brought to climax by another hot young man - is one of the things that keeps this job oh so fun :)

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