Cade Fucks Derek

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Cade Fucks Derek

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Added: November 24, 2008 | Video Length: 21:14 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


It's hard to believe that, until now, Cade and Derek had never had at each other in some hardcore action here at CF. Cade, with his endless energy and stamina as well as his thick, permanently hard dick, is one of CF's best tops. Meanwhile, Derek is one of CF's most enthusiastic bottoms and few guys are so clearly and obviously into getting fucked.

Nonetheless, it took until now for them to get into some hot fucking action with one another! The stars never aligned previously, but thankfully did when this scene presented itself!

I think that Cade and Derek both sensed that theirs was a partnership that was a long time in the making, as they go at it intensely from the get go here. I was blown away by just how passionately and deeply they kissed and made out with one another throughout this video. Indeed, as the action kicks off, they are totally all over each other. Not only were they both clearly turned on and fired up, but I think they both knew just how much potential for hot fun they had with one another. Each of these guys are two of CF's most popular veterans, and in their time here have surely become aware of what various other guys at CF are best known for and do well. Going into this pairing, Derek knew that Cade was "The Machine" and could fuck like a total stud. Likewise, Cade knew that Derek totally loved getting his hole worked over and giving up his ass to a nice, big dick!

Seeing the way Cade piston-fingers Derek's ass to get him warmed up and ready was a sure sign he was ready for some intense fun! Derek loves being on the receiving end of this treatment from Cade, as well, and you could tell he simply couldn't wait to get Cade's dick in him.

Once Cade buries that cock in Derek's hole, both guys just keep getting more and more turned on! It was as if every single one of Cade's thrusts made Derek's dick harder and harder! You can even see that, without even touching himself, Derek ends up totally boned with his dick pointing straight ahead as Cade drills him from behind!

It wouldn't be fair to have Cade do all the pumping and thrusting, though! When you have a great top like Cade and a great bottom like Derek, it's only fitting that Derek gets to control the pace and take charge for a little while as well! He does just that as he bounces up and down on Cade's dick and fucks himself silly.

Another part of their sweaty, hot fuck that I totally loved was just how in tune they were with one another! With many of these straight guys new to guy-guy sex, you'll often see the top's first reaction be to kind of seize up and slow down a bit as the bottom he's fucking is about to cum. It's as if they're not sure what to do at that time and don't want to disrupt their buddy's orgasm. As the guys eventually learn and as Cade knows quite well, though, the bottom's orgasm is a perfect excuse to start fucking harder and faster! As Derek is on his back, legs in the air, blowing his load, Cade does Derek a favor and picks up his pace, as well as ramps up the force! It clearly does the trick for Derek!

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