Cade Fucks Mike

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Cade Fucks Mike

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Added: December 29, 2005 | Video Length: 24:56 Minutes | Photos: 21 Photos


I don't need to give much background on how Mike and Cade got paired in a scene together. With both of these young men being such studs, the thought of having them paired up - two sets of ripped muscles, chiseled bodies, and oozing masculinity - was just too much. Wouldn't you have done all you could to make that happen? ;)

What's more, Mike and Cade hit it off really well from the moment they met. I guess they could both see in one another someone equally committed to and excited about lifting weights and bodybuilding, not to mention the fact that they are both extremely friendly and likeable, very laid back, and also really into sport bikes. Perfect match! Further still, Mike had shown himself able and willing to get fucked by a hefty-sized dick when he let Pete pop his cherry awhile back, and Cade's cock is practically hard 24/7, always on the lookout for something to plug.

On CF, that's as good as the stars being aligned :)

We started off the shoot with both of these hot jocks lifting weights. I figured that'd be the best place to make sure they were both comfortable and ready to go, as well as was really turned on by the thought of seeing them both lifting weights together and admiring each others' bodies. That's exactly how things played out, too, as they both hung out and lifted weights and admiring each others' muscles quickly turned into feeling up, licking, grabbing, touching, and being wrapped up in each others' muscles!

After some making out and cocksucking, we had to get these men into the bedroom before someone got hurt knocking over a few hundred pounds of free-weights! And the bedroom was the perfect place for these guys to really have at one another. You could tell Cade wanted in Mike's ass right away, as he didn't waste any time getting his thumb up in Mike's tight hole and prepping him for a long, hard fuck. With all of those inches of thick dick Cade's got at his disposal, it's a good thing Mike was prepped and ready too! Because Cade drove it in hard and deep, with thrusts that weren't only fast, but also long, pulling almost all the way out before plunging all the way back in.

Mike sure as hell looks and sounds great when he's getting fucked, just as Cade looks awesome thrusting and pounding away. I think I wore out the carpeting running all over the room trying to get every possible angle I could as I would spot something else I just had to get in frame! Ultimately, though, it was both of these muscle-studs explosive (and loud!) cumshots that really blew me away. Mike goes almost animalistic as Cade's drilling pushes him over the top, and that sets Cade off as well!

Wanting to keep showing off just how well these guys were getting along (as well as the amazing staying power of Cade's dick and every possible glimpse of Mike's amazing ass) I followed the guys into the shower as they got cleaned up after the shoot. Two hot muscle studs fucking. Check. Two hot muscle studs soaking wet and soaped up in the shower. Check. :) I'm ready for the New Year!!

Be sure to hang around for a short little bit of behind-the-scenes footage, as well. It was such a lighthearted and funny moment I just had to share it with ya :)

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