Cain Drills Martin

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Cain Drills Martin

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Added: May 19, 2011 | Video Length: 16:42 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Brash, handsome Martin always makes an impression! I can see how his confident personality could come off cocky. But he's actually one of the nicest and most fun people to have around.

Martin was definitely nervous about getting fucked for the first time, (especially by Cain's monster cock!) Martin quickly got into it.

Starting off was making Martin the most nervous. But Cain knows the drill when it comes to breaking in newbies! The guys kiss. Cain throws Martin down on the bed. Cain kisses Martin's chest and works his way down to his cock.

Cain is a little surprised to find out Martin is uncut like him! It was the first time Cain had been with another uncut guy. He relishes the chance to show Martin what he likes. Cain sucks Martin's dick and strokes it.

Martin lays back and enjoys the blow job. Martin's rock hard and now wants to see Cain's stiff cock. Cain feeds Martin his dick, who eagerly sucks Cain's big cock.

Cain stands up. Martin worships that huge dick, treating it as well as Cain treated his. Cain bends Martin over and spits on his hole. Cain slides a wet finger inside. “Tight enough for ya?” Martin asks. Cain responds, “I'm gonna fuckin' stretch that hole tonight.”

Cain teases Martin's ass with the head of his dick. He shoves his cock in and yells, “Oh my god, it's so fucking tight!” He smacks Martin's ass and Martin grins. He's loving the feel of Cain inside him. Cain tells him he's taking it like a champ – and it's true!

Martin gets on his back so Cain can fuck him sideways. Cain shoves his dick back inside Martin, who moans in ecstasy. Cain jackhammers Martin, driving them both wild … and nearly pushing Martin off the bed!

Cain loves breaking in a tight virgin ass. He's enjoying every second of fucking Martin. He thrusts in deeper. He pulls Martin back onto the bed and tells him he wants to fuck the cum out of him. Martin's looks nearly delirious as Cain pounds him harder.

Martin shoots a big load all over his abs. Cum keeps dripping out of his cock as Cain continues to fuck him. Cain blasts his huge load inside Martin, then pulls out the condom to show Martin how much he came!

Guess now Martin knows the drill!

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