Cain Fucks Joel

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Cain Fucks Joel

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Added: July 15, 2010 | Video Length: 14:58 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Cain's star continues to rise here at CF. His powerfully muscled frame, intense sexual energy and that huge, uncut dick make him one of our most popular tops. What better way to up the sexual ante than by pairing him with another hot top?

Joel only recently returned to CF, and as he tells us, it's probably been over a year since he's bottomed. He laughs as he says, “ So, this is a special treat for everyone, I guess.” “Especially for Cain,” I reply. Cain smiles that devilish smile of his and agrees.

They start kissing intensely. Suddenly, Cain pushes Joel down on the bed. He kisses his neck, and bites his nipples through his tank top. Cain's sexual appetite is insatiable, so it's a good thing Joel's is too!

Cain grinds his cock into Joel's crotch, and then kisses his way down Joel's leg to his dick. Cain says, “You're already ready to go,” as he kisses Joel's totally stiff cock. With Cain all over you like that, who wouldn't be ready to go?

Cain keeps his eyes on Joel as he sucks that cock, spitting on it before sucking it even harder. He knows he's raising the bar, but Joel is more than capable of exceeding expectations! Joel goes on the offensive as he sucks Cain's nipple, then swallows that thick, uncut cock. Cain fucks Joel's mouth, pushing his head down on his dick. He keeps pushing him down on it, making Joel's eyes (and our mouths) water!

Their cocks are both stiff as boards. Cain strokes Joel as Joel blows him. Cain uses his big cock to smack Joel's mouth and chest, which only makes Joel hungrier for that cock. Cain moans as Joel sucks his balls, which Cain takes as a signal to ramp up the action! He lays down and plants Joel firmly on his uncut dick.

It takes Joel a minute to get used to such a huge cock up his ass. But Cain doesn't give him much time to adjust. That tight ass must feel amazing, because Cain shoves it in deeper and deeper. The pleasure is so intense, Joel's eyes roll back.

Cain takes him so close to the edge, Joel has to stop jerking his dick to keep from coming! Cain gets so turned on by Joel bouncing up and down on his big cock, that his own eyes roll back AND he starts speaking in Romanian again! Somehow, this makes the action even hotter. But there's no time to ask Cain to translate now ...

Cain pushes Joel down onto his side, wrapping him in a semi-headlock. He kisses and pounds him at the same time. I count two more times that Joel has to take his hands off his own dick to keep from coming too soon!

Joel starts yelling louder and louder as the pounding gets more intense. Cain is like some kind of fucking machine when he gets going like this! Faster and faster, apparently feeding off his partners' enjoyment for fuel. Joel explodes with a long stream of cum up to his chest.

He tells Cain he wants him to come on his face. Within seconds, he's swallowing Cain's load, then licking that thick dick clean. Who can argue with Cain when he tells Joel he's “one sweet fuck” ?

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