Cain Fucks Levi

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Cain Fucks Levi

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Added: June 22, 2010 | Video Length: 21:57 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


Cain and Levi are among CF's newest, freshest and hottest faces! Each made quite the splash when first appearing at CF, and each has proven themselves incredibly hot to see in action since then! Getting both of them together so that Levi can take on Cain's big, thick dick was sure to be hot!

Just look at Levi's face as things get started here! You can tell he's insanely horny and eager for what's to come! Levi loves to bottom and loves buff guys, so he couldn't have been more thrilled to find himself rolling around on a bed with a buff, built Cain! As he pulls Cain's cock out of his shorts, Levi gets even more excited as Cain's big dick springs out!

We're used to seeing the occasional smile and smirk from Levi as he gets a bit giddy leading up to his getting fucked. Here, though, it's all he can do to stare at Cain in awe, his mouth hanging open as his hands roam over Cain's muscles. Once Cain pulls Levi's dick out, it's already fully stiff and Cain quickly takes it in to his mouth to suck. Finally, Levi can't help but smile a bit as he stares down at the muscular stud bobbing up and down on his cock!

Neither wanted to wait any longer to fuck, though, and Cain quickly gets Levi's ass in the air so he can rim and prep his hole! He then starts to drive that big dick in to Levi's hot ass, making Levi moan and gasp in response!

Seeing Cain's big dick slide in and out of Levi's hole, inch after inch of it moving back and forth, couldn't be any hotter! Every movement Cain makes gets quite the response out of Levi, and that continues to be the case as Cain starts to increase the speed and tempo of his thrusts.

When Levi gets on to his hands and knees, Cain starts to pound him harder and faster until he's literally fucked a big load out of Levi! Having just coated the bed in his cum, Levi then gets down in front of Cain to take every drop of his cum in to his mouth and down his throat!

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