Cain & Scott Tag Jon

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Cain & Scott Tag Jon

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Added: December 8, 2011 | Video Length: 25:06 Minutes | Photos: 17 Photos


Pete thought Jon looked a little nervous before his tag-team with Cain and Scott, since Jon kept pacing around the room. Jon laughed that off, saying he's just ADHD. But he got his attention focused the minute Cain pulls him onto the bed!

Cain and Scott kiss and rub Jon, and get his shirt off. After Jon tells Cain how much he likes his jeans, he starts sucking on what's inside those jeans – Cain's big, uncut cock!

As Jon goes down on Cain, Scott goes down on Jon. Jon's beard scratches Cain's cock, but the big guy says it feels good. Cain smacks his cock against Jon's mouth. Jon sucks on Cain's nuts before swallowing that huge cock again.

Scott strokes his dick as he blows Jon's dick. Cain pushes Jon's head all the way down on his cock, making Jon choke.

Cain sits up to feed Jon his cock. Cain goes down on Jon, while Jon sucks Scott. Cain licks the head of Jon's dick before spitting on it and shoving it down his throat. Jon sneaks a peek at Cain sucking him. Cain says, “We're gonna ram your ass so fucking good.”

Scott stands up and face-fucks Jon. Cain tells Jon to choke on his cock, too. And Jon does! Cain swings Jon around, and pushes his legs over his head. Scott keeps feeding Jon his dick, and Cain spits on Jon's hole and fingers it.

Cain rims Jon's ass. He pushes a finger deep into it. Scott smacks Jon's ass, making it tighten up around Cain's finger.

Jon's getting totally used from both ends! With Scott kneeling over him, pinning Jon's legs and torso, there's nothing Jon can do – except take all that cock!

Cain shoves his dick deep into Jon's ass. Scott says, “I think he feels that!” How could he not?

After a few minutes of stuffing Jon, Scott asks Cain if he wants to try something else. Cain tells Scott to hold Jon's legs up in the air. Cain dives back in, giving Scott a great view.

Cain drills hard into Jon's ass. He angles sideways and jackhammers Jon. Jon moans loudly. Scott tells him how amazing it looks. Scott wants in, so he has Jon climb up on his cock.

Jon rides Scott's dick. Scott drives his cock up into Jon's ass. “Fuck that ass,” Cain says. Cain sticks his cock into Jon's mouth.

Cain jerks Jon's dick as Scott fucks him. Jon gets on all fours so he can get spitroasted. Scott pounds Jon's ass while Jon blows Cain.

“I'm 'bout to come,” Jon says. He blows his load all over the bed. His cock is still at attention, and keeps bouncing up and down as Scott nails his ass.

Cain pulls his dick out of Jon's mouth and sprays his hot cum all over Jon's back. Then Scott dumps his load all over Jon's ass and rubs it in with his cock.

“That was fun,” Jon says. It definitely kept me focused!

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