Connor Fucks Derek

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Connor Fucks Derek

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Added: June 18, 2008 | Video Length: 16:19 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


There's just no substitute for getting to work with many of these guys on a regular basis. Seeing the progression in how they respond to the new and unfamiliar territory they head into while experiencing guy/guy action for the very first time is priceless to me and, certainly, something CF fans pick up on as well!

I remember many of the guys' first times and, likewise, e-mails I got from members about them. Guys with initial hesitance and shyness and being clearly awkward during their first guy/guy video eventually get more comfortable with it and beginto appreciate just how good it feels, and that's certainly the case with Connor in this video - only his second time ever fucking another man!

When Connor got it on with Jeff, you could tell his dick was having fun with it all. But there was undoubtedly some anxiety there and a little reluctance to totally let loose. This second time around, however, Connor looks so much more at ease and doesn’t try and hide the fact that he's having fun. His cock is rock hard throughout, he's smiling and obviously getting along with Derek, and he even gives sucking dick a shot for the very first time ever!

I love how, in some guys' early videos, they are a bit unsure of where to put their hands and what to hold on to. You'll see them grab on to the other guy for leverage, but then let go pretty quickly because they weren't quite sure about holding on to another guy in such a way. Eventually, though, they get over that kind of stuff and don't hold back in holding the other guy, touching him, letting that extra bit of contact be there, and focusing on the fun and pleasure. We see that with Connor here, as he's so much more in touch with Derek!

It's awesome seeing Connor's big dick splitting Derek's hole, and Derek is as wonderful as ever as he's obviously loving every second of it. Derek doesn't hold back or deny the fact that he loves the feeling of getting fucked and, as always, every inch of his body looks totally engrossed in what's going on!

As for Connor, he is an amazing specimen of man - tall, handsome, muscular. While filming this video, I was still catching myself thinking, "I can't believe I'm getting to watch him doing all this!!". As incredible as he looks in general, seeing him fuck is almost too much! His embarking upon his CF Education has been a long time coming, but dare I say it, it's proving more than worth the wait!!

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