Connor Fucks Dru

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Connor Fucks Dru

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Added: January 5, 2010 | Video Length: 20:02 Minutes | Photos: 19 Photos


It's high time we got these two, tall, buff and blond studs together for some hot sex! With both of them along for the ride during our trip out to the rural farm, we simply had to get them paired up with one another! I think they were both aware it was inevitable they'd end up fucking, and I also think they both could hardly wait for that to happen!

"I've been looking forward to this!", Connor tells Dru while they are making out and feeling each other up as things get started.

"Me too!", Dru responds. "You have no idea!"

I truly think Dru just couldn't wait to get totally manhandled by another tall, buff stud. Dru is quite the striking figure, and probably not too used to coming across another guy as imposing as he is. But he immediately saw in Connor someone that could totally take charge of him and that he could completely surrender himself to! From the moment Connor throws Dru down on to the bed to the point where Connor is fucking Dru's mouth - Dru moaning and groaning with every thrust of Connor's cock - you simply can't help but notice how thoroughly turned on Dru was here! Connor is having a blast with that and takes full advantage!

"I want you to fuck me!", Dru groans as they kiss and rub their hard dicks together.

Connor gets quite the kick out of that, and soon has Dru face down on the bed, ass up and ready for his dick.

If I'd have to guess what was going through each of their heads right now, I'd imagine Dru was thinking, "Finally! I'm going to just get totally railed by someone!" and Connor was thinking, "I am going to fuck the living daylights out of this dude!" Dru had been making it obvious from the get go he wanted Connor to take him, and Connor knew right from the start that Dru wanted him bad. It all makes for some serious fucking once Connor gets his big cock buried in Dru's ass!

Dru is groaning, moaning and whimpering like mad, yelling out "Oh fuck!" over and over again as Connor drives his dick in to him! Connor's loving the reactions he's getting out of Dru, pulling his dick all the way out so that he can plunge it back in and make Dru squirm and moan.

Could Dru possibly be any happier as Connor fucks him, a huge smile on his face as he's bracing himself against the bed and furiously stroking his own dick while Connor pounds him?

Connor then has Dru really show him how much he wants it, laying back and letting Dru ride his cock. Dru fucks himself hard on Connor's big dick before Connor retakes control, thrusting up in to Dru as his dick disappears in to his ass.

The only time the furious fucking stops is when Dru looks back at Connor and they lean in to passionately kiss one another - but it's only seconds before the hard fucking resumes! With Dru now on his back, they can kiss and fuck at the same time while Dru grips and strokes his own dick.

"Oh, fuck me!", Dru gasps as he gets closer and closer to cumming. Connor does precisely that, determined to fuck a huge load out of Dru! Dru's dick then starts spraying a thick, hot load all over as Connor continues to pump his ass. The hard fucking only stops when Connor is overwhelmed by his own orgasm, pulling out to cover Dru in cum!

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