Connor Fucks Travis

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Connor Fucks Travis

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Added: November 3, 2008 | Video Length: 12:16 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


If you're in the US and reading this video description... I hope you either voted prior to today or earlier today! If you haven't yet, go! The site, this vid, and all of CF's studs will be here waiting for ya when you get back :)

For those ready to proceed... on to Connor fucking Travis!

Could I even consider putting Travis in a non-hardcore video these days? Heck no! He loves getting fucked so much that even if I tried to film him in a video that, at the outset, didn't involve him getting fucked he'd probably find some way to change that by the end of it. Indeed, in a recent video over on ACS where Travis introduced Joe to his first ever bit of guy/guy action during a hot bi-three-way, Travis managed to get Joe's dick inside him!

It's clear Travis couldn't wait to get Connor's dick inside him, either! Indeed, Connor is armed with a pretty hot cock and is also one of the most physically imposing guys at CF - tall, muscular, and terribly good looking.

As soon as Travis gets Connor's dick inside him, he looks like he could blow his load at any second. Travis doesn't deny the fact that getting fucked puts him on the verge of cumming right away, and even if he were to say that wasn't true his facial expressions and body language would tell the real story! As much as I love just how obvious Travis makes it that he likes to get fucked, there's also something I find insanely sexy about how Connor sometimes looks when he's fucking a guy. It's as if a part of him wants to hold back a bit, but his dick just feels so damn good and he's so thoroughly into how tight and hot another guy's hole can be that he can't help but enjoy it all!

Connor and Travis are two of CF's most popular guys and joined us right about the same time, so I'm thrilled we're finally getting to see them in action... and they quite enjoyed it as well!

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